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Blind Tiger Record Club Podcast

Nov 17, 2020

On this episode of The Forty Five, David W. Williams and Rudy Newman discuss the Blind Tiger Record Club November Spotlight Album and New Store Additions.   

Whether or not you are a member of B.T.R.C. the "Forty Five"  is a great way to get introduced to some new artists and discover some albums that you may not be familiar with.  All the music in our subscription program and that we discuss on this show are on vinyl and have been released in the last 30 - 60 days "on vinyl".  The show is designed to be a discovery platform for new music on vinyl, but even if you do not collect or listen to vinyl, its still a fun way to hear new music.


Here are the albums included in this episode of The Forty Five:

  • Spotlight Album:  Brent Cobb - Keep Em' On They Toes
  • I Don't Know How But They Found Me - Razzmatazz
  • The Mountain Goats - Getting Into Knives
  • Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band - Letter To You

*Our Spotlight album is a new release that we really are excited about, but its not part of our member's Record of the Month Program. We pick one new release every month to "Spotlight".  The other four to five albums discussed on this episode are newly added albums to the B.T.R.C. Record Store in the last thirty days.  All these albums are available for purchase at


*This episode was originally aired November 16th, 2020 on Lightning 100 in Nashville, TN. 100.1 FM.