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Blind Tiger Record Club Podcast

Jan 1, 2022

This is a special episode of both the Blind Tiger Record Club Podcast and On Air on Lightning 100 (100.1 FM WRLT, Nashville, TN).  The regular panel of B.T.R.C. hosts, David W. Williams, Rudy Newman, and Kevin Lee, are joined by singer songwriter Thad Cockerell to discuss the Blind Tiger Record Club's Best Vinyl of 2021.

This is part two of a two part episode where we countdown the Top 20 Best Vinyl of 2021.  The albums are picked by a panel that consists of B.T.R.C. Staff, guest panelists, artists, and producers.  Pt. 1 is a podcast only episode.  We count down in descending order albums #20 - #11 and we are joined by Warren Bazemore of the Americana duo Finnegan Bell.  Pt. 2 was both a podcast and On Air episode.  We count down in descending order albums #10 through #1 and we are joined by singer songwriter Thad Cockrell.

All twenty albums are discussed on the two episodes; each with song examples and performance notes.  It's a great way to catch up on any albums you may have missed that were released over the last year.   

Here are the albums included on this episode of both the Blind Tiger Record Club Podcast and On Air:

Manchester Orchestra - The Million Masks of God, Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats - Future, War On Drugs - I Don't Live Here Anymore, Foo Fighters - Medicine at Midnight, Big Red Machine - How Long Do You Think It's Gonna Last?, The Killers - Pressure Machine, Brandie Carlisle - In These Silent Days, Hiss Golden Messenger - Quietly Blowing It, Kings of Leon - When You See Yourself, Julien Baker - Little Oblivions
Whether or not you are a member of Blind Tiger Record Club, both the B.T.R.C. Podcast and On Air are great ways to get introduced to some new artists and discover some albums that you may not be familiar with.  All the music in our subscription program and that we discuss on this show are on vinyl and have been released in the last 30 - 60 days.  The show is designed to be a discovery platform for new music "on vinyl", but even if you do not collect or listen to vinyl, it's still a fun way to explore new music.
*This episode was originally aired December 27th, 2021 on Lightning 100 in Nashville, TN. 100.1 FM., The B.T.R.C. Best Vinyl of 2021, Pt.1 was available on the podcast December 31st, 2021.

**Both the Blind Tiger Record Club Podcast and On Air are sponsored by 85 Supply.  Go to or email to get started. For 5% off of your first order, simply mention "Blind Tiger Record Club" via email or over the phone with your rep. Its that simple.

Hosts: David W. Williams, Rudy Newman, and Kevin Lee
Guest Host: Thad Cockerell
Executive Producer - David W. Williams
A Blind Tiger Entertainment, LLC Production
This episode was edited and mixed by the team at Sound On Studios
Theme song written and produced by Jasen Rauch

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