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Blind Tiger Record Club Podcast

Feb 26, 2020

This is a special episode segment of The Blind Tiger Record Club Podcast called the B-Sides.  On January 27th, we launched an LP Interview episode discussing Drivin N' Cryin's most recent release, Live The Love Beautiful, with special guest Kevn Kinney.

As a founding member, front man, and principle songwriter for the band, Kinney had a unique insight into the most recent recordings and songs, and that episode focused completely on the part of our discussion that related to Live The Love Beautiful.

However, we discussed much more.  In today's B-Sides episode, we talk about Drivin N Cryin's early years and touch on every album the band released through the 80's.  We start at the first album, scarred but smarter, and go all the way up to the bands biggest release, Fly Me Courageous.  If your a fan of the band, you will love to hear Kinney discuss this time period.  If your just getting to know the band, this will help you understand the bands significant history.
Here are the songs, artist, and albums included in this B-Sides episode of the Blind Tiger Record Club Podcast:
  • Drivin N' Cryin - "Another Scarlet Butterfly"
  • Drivin N' Cryin - "Catch The Wind"
  • Drivin N' Cryin - "With The People"
  • Drivin N' Cryin - "Toy Never Played With"
  • Drivin N' Cryin - "Build A Fire"
  • Kevn Kinney - "MacDougal Blues"
  • Drivin N' Cryin - "Out Here In The Middle of Nowhere"