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Blind Tiger Record Club Podcast

Aug 31, 2021

This is a special episode segment of The Blind Tiger Record Club Podcast called the B-Sides.  In July of 2021, Nashville Rock artist and guitar legend Damon Johnson joined the Blind Tiger Record Club hosts David W. Williams and Kevin Lee to discuss his brand new album Battle Lessons.  This LP Interview was a two part episode that covered Johnson's entire career from his early beginnings in music and the bands he played with during the 1980's.  We talk about the founding of Brother Cane in the 1990's, the years of touring, and the radio singles released during the band's time with Virgin Records.  We also discussed his time as a member of Alice Cooper's band and writing and recording on Cooper's Dirty Diamonds album.  We discussed his joining and touring with the band Thin Lizzy.  We talk about the formation and recording of Black Star Riders and recording with producer Nick Raskulinecz.  Finally, we discuss Damon's solo career, specifically his album Memoirs of an Uprising and his new release Battle Lessons with his new power trio called Damon Johnson and the Get Ready.


The B-sides episode is a grouping of audio clips with stories that did not make the long-form interview but are still interesting and entertaining.  On this episode of the B-Sides, Johnson told some additional stories that are amazing like writing songs with Sammy Hagar and getting a song cut by Stevie Nicks.  Playing guitar on one of Faith Hill's biggest hits.  Having a song recorded with Santana.  Writing and recording with Caleb Johnson and Jason Bonham.  He even shares an incredible story about music legend Ricky Nelson.


Here are the songs, artist, and albums included in this B-Sides episode of the Blind Tiger Record Club Podcast:


  • Sammy Hagar - "Salvation on Sand Hill"
  • Stevie Nicks - "Every Day"
  • Faith Hill - "Cry"
  • Santanna - "Just Feel Better" (Feat. Steven Tyler)
  • Caleb Johnson - "Hurricane"
  • Caleb Johnson - "Dead Man Walking Blues"


If you love vinyl records, discovering new music, rediscovering music you already know, and learning about the music creators, this is the podcast for you.


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*The LP Interview with Damon Johnson - Battle Lessons, Part One was originally aired July 19, 2021:

**The LP Interview with Damon Johnson - Battle Lessons, Part Two was originally aired August 2, 2021:



Hosts: David W. Williams and Kevin Lee

Executive Producer - David W. Williams

A Blind Tiger Entertainment, LLC Production

This episode was edited and mixed by the team at Sound On Studios

Theme song written and produced by Jasen Rauch


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