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Blind Tiger Record Club Podcast

Jul 20, 2021

Nashville Rock artist and guitar legend Damon Johnson joins host David W. Williams and Kevin Lee to discuss his brand new album Battle Lessons.  On Part One, we discuss his early career and the bands he played with during the 1980's.  We talk about the founding of Brother Cane in the 1990's and the years of touring and radio singles during the band's time with Virgin Records.  We play clips from each album and group he has played on during this time of his career and talk about several singles from Brother Cane.


*Part Two will go live August 2, 2021.


If you love vinyl records, discovering new music, rediscovering music you already know, and learning about the music creators, this is the podcast for you.


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Hosts: David W. Williams, Rudy Newman, and Kevin Lee

Executive Producer - David W. Williams

A Blind Tiger Entertainment, LLC Production

This episode was edited and mixed by the team at Sound On Studios

Theme song written and produced by Jasen Rauch


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